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Value of Transportation Capital Stock


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Capital stock data are reported after deducting depreciation. Other publicly owned transportation includes publicly owned airway, waterway, and transit structures but does not include associated equipment. Locks and dams may be included under Other publicly owned transportation. Household includes personal vehicles, which are considered consumer durable goods. In-house transportation is capital stock owned by non-transportation companies. For example, grocery companies often use their own truck fleets to move goods from their warehouses to their retail outlets. In-house transportation and for-hire transportation figures cover the the current cost net capital stock for fixed assets (transportation-related equipment including light trucks; other trucks, buses and truck trailers; autos; aircraft; ships and boats; and railroad equipment as well as transportation-related structures including air, rail, transit, and other transportation structures and track replacement) owned by a firm. Other privately owned transportation includes sightseeing, couriers and messengers, and transportation support activities, such as freight transportation brokers. Details may not add to totals due to rounding.


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