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National Transportation Statistics

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    Recently Updated Tables by Topic:

    Physical Extent

    • Public Road and Street Mileage in the United States by Type of Surface (1-4, 1-4M)
    • U.S. Public Road and Street Mileage by Functional System (1-5)
    • Number of Stations Served by Amtrak and Rail Transit (1-7)
    • ADA-Accessible Rail Transit Stations by Agency (1-9)


    • Class I Railroad Locomotive Fleet by Year Built (1-32)
    • U.S. Flag Vessels by Type and Age (1-34)

    Travel and Goods Movement

    • Roadway Vehicle-Miles Traveled (VMT) and VMT per Lane-Mile by Functional Class (1-36, 1-36M)
    • Top U.S. Foreign Trade Freight Gateways by Value of Shipments (1-51)

    Multimodal Safety

    • Transportation Accidents by Mode (2-3)
    • Distribution of Transportation Fatalities by Mode (2-4)

    Air Safety

    • Air Carrier Safety Data (2-9)
    • Commuter Air Carrier Safety Data (2-10)
    • Air Carrier Fatal Accidents by Defining Event of Operation (2-11)
    • Commuter Air Carrier Fatal Accidents by Defining Event of Operation (2-12)
    • On-Demand Air Taxi Safety Data (2-13)
    • General Aviation Safety Data (2-14)

    Highway Safety

    • Fatalities by Highest Driver Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) in Highway Crashes (2-26)

    Transportation and Consumer Expenditures

    • Average Passenger Fares (3-18)

    Transportation Revenues, Employment, and Productivity

    • Average Passenger Revenue per Passenger-Mile (3-20)
    • Average Freight Revenue per Ton-Mile (3-21)

    Transportation Energy Consumption by Mode

    • Domestic Demand for Gasoline by Mode (4-7, 4-7M)
    • Transit Industry Electric Power and Primary Energy Consumption and Travel (4-16, 4-16M)
    • Amtrak Fuel Consumption and Travel (4-18, 4-18M)

    Air Pollution

    • Federal Exhaust Emissions Standards for Locomotives (4-40)
    • Tier 2 Federal Exhaust Emissions Standards for Newly Manufactured Commercial Marine Compression-Ignition Engines (4-42)
    • Areas in Nonattainment of National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Criteria Pollutants (4-52)

    Water Pollution, Noise, and Solid Waste

    • Leaking Underground Storage Tank Releases and Cleanups (4-55)

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