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Number 6 – T100 Alaskan Air Carriers Small Certificated Air Carriers Operating within Alaska Resume Monthly T100 Traffic Reporting

Thursday, October 3, 2019






No. 6

Issue Date: 08-01-2019

Effective Date:11-01-2019

Part: 298

Section: 298.61

T100 Alaskan  Air Carriers

Small Certificated Air Carriers Operating within Alaska

Resume Monthly T100 Traffic Reporting

Beginning with the November 2019 TI00 Traffic Market and Segment reports, Alaskan Air Carriers will no longer report their data weekly to the Office of Airline Information (OAI); instead they will resume reporting T100 Traffic data on a monthly basis.

BACKGROUND: Since 2005, Intra-Alaskan air carriers have had the option to report T100 non-stop segment and on-flight market data weekly. Reporting weekly  to OAI, carriers were  relieved  of the burden of filing daily reports with the USPS. OAI agreed with the USPS to collect weekly data that included the Day of Service in the Market and Segment data, and the Certification (121/135) in the Segment data. This way, the USPS  would  still have access to daily operational  statistics if they needed to verify a carrier's frequency. Since weekly reporting began, OAI has compiled each carrier' s weekly data into monthly reports for release to OAI's Production Airline Data Warehouse . From the compiled data, OAI creates monthly products for the USPS, which are used to determine mail tender rates.

OAI met with the USPS to review the need for weekly data collections. USPS reported the weekly collection is not needed at this time. It was agreed that OAI would instruct carriers to resume monthly reporting of Traffic data. Resubmissions for past weekly periods will need to be compiled in the monthly formats.

Because the intra-Alaskan air carriers will no longer report weekly, the following fields shall be eliminated from the monthly reports:

  • the " Day of Service" column on both the Segment and Market reports,
  • the " Certification" column on the Segment data.

Refer to Appendix A for record format descriptions for both weekly and monthly formats .

To update your eSubmit User Account to report MONTHLY Traffic data, log into:

Once logged in, select to update your user account and go to: Request New User Account: Select Form/Report. Select to report Monthly Tl 00 Market and Segment data. The list of reports presented depends on the carrier group to which the user belongs. Users may submit multiple reports for a specific earner.

The last weekly reports submitted will cover the week ending Friday, November 1, 2019. These final weekly reports are due on Sunday, November 10th . Carriers may or may not include Friday, November 1s t  .

Monthly reports are due within 30 days of the end of the reporting period.

The November 2019 MONTHLY reports are due by Monday, December 30, 2019 and must include data for all 30 days of November.

Monthly reports are subjected to the same validations and review as the weekly data.

Carriers should be aware that over-reporting of traffic leads to lower terminal and line haul charges per enplaned ton and RTM respectively. This is true for both scheduled and nonscheduled service. DOT, carriers and the USPS are all best served by consistently accurate reporting.

OAI will continue to send Monthly Market and Segment data to the USPS. Questions regarding this Directive should be addressed to Jennifer Rodes:

Email: Phone: 202-366-8513

William Chadwick, Jr.


Office of Airline Information


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