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Confidentiality Officer (GS 14)

NOTE: For this position, BTS has Direct Hire authority. Do not use USAJobs; applicants should email resumes directly to

About The Position

The incumbent serves as a senior Mathematical Statistician and Confidentiality Officer for BTS.  The incumbent reports to the Director of the OSDA on analysis, interpretation, acquisition and reporting of statistical data.  The principal responsibility of the incumbent is the design and operation of the agency’s statistical research program. 

The incumbent adheres to BTS protocols and statistical guidelines as set forth by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for the collection of transportation statistics and data. 

The incumbent coordinates the collection of data and related information-gathering activates conducted by BTS, other Federal departments and agencies, and private entities and academic institutions. 

These assignments are frequently performed in areas where precedents are limited and require careful planning, efficient coordination of effort among BTS and DOT staff, the application of mature practical and scientific judgment and a high degree of originality.  In addition, the incumbent directly advises the Assistant Director of the Bureau of Transportation Statistics to set and maintain the agency’s confidentiality policies.

The incumbent serves as an advisor to peers on mathematical statistical topics (e.g., theory of statistical disclosure avoidance, theory of sampling and non-sampling errors, and theory of statistical inference); develops statistical standards to evaluate data quality; develops aspects of statistical disclosure avoidance analyses and protections as they relate to survey and sampling designs that ensure continuity between data collection and analysis of data; and writes methodological and/or technical reports of substantive survey findings for publication in government and trade publications.

The incumbent collaborates and assists other BTS and DOT mathematicians, statisticians, and economists and a variety of other Department managers responsible for developing transportation performance measures concerning data collection and analysis.  As part of the OSEA research team, the incumbent supports the BTS research efforts by developing statistical methodology for measuring and correlating those phenomena which can be expressed in or reduced to numerical form and which cannot be readily observed by other methods.  The incumbent also conducts mathematical statistical research which, as contracted with subject-matter research, is designed to develop new, or improve existing methodology and data analyses techniques.  In addition, the incumbent serves as staff advisor to various subject-matter specialists on the potentials and limitations of statistical methods.

The incumbent also serves as the BTS Confidentiality Officer, and sets guidelines, enforces, and monitors compliance to insure that all BTS data meet confidentiality requirements of the OMB and Department of Transportation.  This includes but is not limited to the Confidential Information Protection and Statistical Efficiency Act of 2002 (CIPSEA), OMB Circular A-130, and CIPSEA guidance.  The incumbent develops and leads BTS confidentiality training and maintains the BTS confidentiality manual through regular timely updates which are coordinated with BTS lead statisticians.  The incumbent is responsible for establishing and managing BTS Data Disclosure Review Board.

An Ideal Confidentiality Officer

  • Leads and maintains a mastery level of expertise, skills, and knowledge and accomplishes the following tasks and duties in a timely manner, efficiently, and with high quality;
  • Develops a statistical methodology and research capability for the agency that meets OMB and international standards.  Participates in establishing goals, criteria, and procedures for maintaining the highest mathematical statistical standards for the agency and provides a high degree of originality, professional judgment, imagination and resourcefulness;
  • Provides technical support for examination, evaluation, and improvement in the quality of data from economic and statistical models, surveys, surveillance systems, and administrative records;
  • Provides advice and assistance to other BTS and DOT statisticians, economists and a variety of other Department managers responsible for developing performance measures and conducting transportation research;
  • Directs the BTS Confidentiality program as BTS Confidentiality Officer.  Sets guidelines, enforces, and monitors compliance to ensure that all BTS data meets confidentiality requirements of OMB and the Department of Transportation;
  • Provides recommendations to Program Managers in developing Privacy Impact Assessments.  Oversees the updating, maintenance and implementation of the BTS System of Records Notices (SORNS) in compliance with The Privacy Act, OMB and the Department’s Chief Privacy Officer;
  • Organizes, convenes, and chairs, when necessary, Disclosure Review Boards (DRB) for carrying out duties as the BTS Confidentiality Officer;
  • Plans and conducts studies related to evaluating the impact of statistical disclosure avoidance techniques on the data that are being protected;
  • Interacts with staff in a cooperative manner to ensure the preparation of sound statistical disclosure avoidance plans and authors the safe-to-release memo for BTS data products. 
  • Develops and leads necessary training of relevant BTS staff on confidentially procedures and protocols, updates and maintains the BTS Confidentiality Manual, conducts security reviews of potential unauthorized data disclosures and makes recommendations for agency action. 
  • Coordinates with the BTS assistant Director to initiate any required formal actions resulting from security reviews;
  • Directs a program to improve the quality of data throughout the Department of Transportation, ensures development of good working relationships with technical staff in the agency and in other modal administrations of the Department, develops a statistical consulting capacity to respond to results for statistical assistance from other modal administrations in the Department;
  • Represents the agency in forums with other parts of the DOT, the OMB, other federal agencies, academia, and the private sector as an authority in matters related to statistical programs and related programs involving transportation statistics, including active participation in professional statistical and transportation organizations; and
  • Has mastery of both written and oral communications skills.

To Apply 

Do not use USAJobs. Email your resume to and indicate the position you are applying for in the subject line. We are accepting resumes on a rolling basis; for full consideration, submit resumes no later than December 1, 2020.

Updated: Tuesday, November 10, 2020