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The Week In Transportation

Selected transportation measures compiled by BTS during the COVID-19 public health emergency


These selected measures are provisional indicators of transportation activity and have not been reviewed for representativeness or other aspects of statistical quality. Additional measures will be added as they become available.

  • People Staying Home, Traveling, Trips by Distance: These data are experimental and may not meet all of our quality standards. Experimental data products are created using new data sources or methodologies that benefit data users in the absence of other relevant products. We are seeking feedback from data users and stakeholders on the quality and usefulness of these new products. Experimental data products that meet our quality standards and demonstrate sufficient user demand may enter regular production if resources permit.
    The baseline for these measures is the same day of the same week last year. A trip is considered a movement that includes at least 1 stay of longer than 10 minutes at an anonymized location away from home. High and Low Points consider dates thus far in calendar year 2020. For more information, and to download the data or access the API, please visit our Daily Travel page.
  • Commercial Flights: The baseline is the same week last year. The low point of 7,062 flights operated occurred on 4/25/2020.
  • People Screened at Airports: The baseline is the same week last year. The low point of 88,000 passengers screened occurred on 4/14/2020.
  • MTA: Data reported on a weekly basis from Saturday to Friday. These are adjusted numbers which are obtained by normalizing only the outliers using historical trends. This adjustment affected less than 0.7% of the data.
  • WMATA: Data for 2020 is PRELIMINARY. Ridership is compared to the equivalent calendar day in 2019.
  • BART: Ridership is compared to projected ridership, based on pre-pandemic BART budgeting, for the same period.