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Overview of U.S. Petroleum Production, Imports, Exports, and Consumption

(Million barrels per day)

Dataset Excel: 

Component numbers may not add to totals due to independent rounding. 


KEY:  R = revised; U = data are not available.

a Includes crude oil and natural gas plant liquids. This data series has been revised from 1975 forward to exclude the field production of other liquids including: finished motor gasoline, motor gasoline blending components, and other hydrocarbons and oxygenates.

b Includes lease condensate.

c Includes imports for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which began in 1977.

d Beginning in 1985, motor gasoline blending components and aviation gasoline blending components are included.

e Net imports is equal to Imports minus Exports.


Domestic production, imports, exports, and U.S. petroleum consumption:

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U.S. petroleum consumption by transportation sector:

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World petroleum consumption:

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