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Annual Wasted Fuel Per Person


"Wasted" fuel is the difference between the fuel consumed under estimated existing conditions and the fuel consumed under free-flow conditions. Previous editions of this table were calculated on the basis of total fuel consumed during congested trips. Calculations are made for peak period speeds and for free-flow speeds on both the freeway and principal arterial systems. For a more detailed description of the formulas used, see the source document.

The urban areas included are those containing over 500,000 people and several smaller places mostly chosen by previous sponsors of the Texas Transportation Institute study on mobility.

Methodology and data sources have been changed in 2015 and were applied retroactively to past years, these figures are not comparable to those in past editions of NTS.


KEY: NA = not applicable; R = revised.

Very large urban areas - over 3 million population.

Large urban areas - over 1 million and less than 3 million population.

Medium urban areas - over 500,000 and less than 1 million population.

Small urban areas - less than 500,000 population.

a Percent changes were calculated using the numbers in this table and were not obtained from the source. Ranks are based on the calculated percent changes with the highest number corresponding to a rank of 1.


Texas Transportation Institute, Congestion Data for Your City, Excel spreadsheet of the base statistics for the 101 urban areas and population group summary statistics (College Station, TX: 2015), available at as of  Dec. 1, 2015.