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U.S. Department of Transportation

Mary Peters

Maria Cino
Deputy Secretary

Research and Innovative Technology Administration

John Bobo

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

John O'Donnell
Acting Deputy Director

Wendell Fletcher
Assistant Director for Transportation Analysis

Project Manager

Long X. Nguyen

Data Collection and ProductionBattelle

William Mallett
Mark Lepofsky
Sharon Kim
Brian Oh


Ron Duych
David Chesser
Getachew Mekonnen
William Moore


Alpha Glass Wingfield

To obtain this and other BTS publications:
Internet: www.bts.gov
Phone:  202/366-DATA (3882)

Mail:       Product Orders
               Bureau of Transportation Statistics
               Research and Innovative
               Technology Administration
               U.S. Department of Transportation
               400 7th Street, SW, Room 7412
               Washington, DC 20590

Your comments for improving State Transportation Statistics reports are welcome.

Contact the BTS/RITA Information Service:
Email: answers@bts.gov
Phone: 800/853-1351

Updated: Saturday, May 20, 2017