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Table 1-48: U.S.-Canadian Border Land-Freight Gateways: Number of Truck or Railcar Crossings

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Table 1-48: U.S.-Canadian Border Land-Freight Gateways: Number of Truck or Railcar Crossings

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Truck 2001
Total U.S.-Canadian border 6,776,909
Total top 5 gateways 4,448,865
Detroit, MI 1,642,042
Buffalo-Niagara, NY 1,123,971
Port Huron, MI 828,802
Blaine, WA 471,731
Champlain-Rouses Pt, NY 382,319
 Truck 2002
Total U.S.-Canadian border 6,915,973
Total top 5 gateways 4,567,704
Detroit, MI 1,670,565
Buffalo-Niagara, NY 1,208,095
Port Huron, MI 907,729
Blaine, WA 410,256
Champlain-Rouse Pt., NY 371,059
 Truck 2003
Total U.S.-Canadian border 6,727,292
Total top 5 gateways 4,478,405
Detroit, MI 1,634,319
Buffalo-Niagara, NY 1,162,961
Port Huron, MI 928,074
Champlain-Rouse Pt., NY 387,962
Blaine, WA 365,089
Rail 2001
Total U.S.-Canadian border 1,779,345
Total top 5 gateways 1,277,982
Port Huron, MI 449,299
Detroit, MI 304,591
International Falls, MN 205,430
Portal, ND 168,137
Buffalo-Niagara, NY 150,525
Rail 2002
Total U.S.-Canadian border 1,830,259
Total top 5 gateways 1,310,729
Port Huron, MI 429,918
Detroit, MI 293,300
International Falls, MN 238,515
Portal, ND 199,637
Buffalo-Niagara, NY 149,359
Rail 2003
Total U.S.-Canadian border 1,849,911
Total top 5 gateways 1,333,244
Port Huron, MI 458,551
Detroit, MI 254,688
International Falls, MN 252,699
Portal, ND 217,390
Buffalo-Niagara, NY 149,916


Truck: Data represent the number of truck crossings, not the number of unique vehicles. Data are for both loaded and empty trucks.

Rail: Data includes both loaded and unloaded railcars.


U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, special tabulation, July 2004. Based on the following primary data source: U.S. Department of Treasury, U.S. Customs Service, Office of Field Operations, Operations Management Database, special tabulation (Washington, DC: 2003).