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Appendix D - Standard Transportation Commodity Classification Code Information

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Appendix D - Standard Transportation Commodity Classification Code Information

The commodities shown in this report are classified in accordance with the Classification (STCC) system, published by the Association of American Railroads.1

We provided respondents with a listing of STCC codes and descriptions at the five-digit level to use in assigning a commodity code for each shipment. For shipments of more than one commodity, we instructed respondents to use the five-digit code for the major commodity, defined as the commodity of greatest total weight in the shipment. For this report, we aggregated the STCC codes to the two-digit level. The following provides a description of each STCC code.

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STCC code Commodity description
1 Farm products
8 Forest products
9 Fresh fish
10 Metallic ores
11 Coal
13 Crude petroleum, natural gas or gasoline
14 Nonmetallic ores, minerals, excluding fuels
19 Ordnance or accessories
20 Food and kindred products
21 Tobacco products, excluding insecticides
22 Textile mill products
23 Apparel or other finished textile products or knit apparel
24 Lumber or wood products, excluding furniture
25 Furniture or fixtures
26 Pulp, paper, or allied products
27 Printed matter
28 Chemicals or allied products
29 Petroleum or coal products
30 Rubber or miscellaneous plastics products
31 Leather or leather products
32 Clay, concrete, glass, or stone products
33 Primary metal products
34 Fabricated metal products
35 Machinery, excluding electrical
36 Electrical machinery, equipment, or supplies
37 Transportation equipment
38 Instruments, photographic goods, optical goods, watches, or clocks
39 Miscellaneous products of manufacturing
40 Waste or scrap materials not identified by producing industry
41 Miscellaneous freight shipments
42 Containers, carriers or devices, shipping, returned empty
48 Waste hazardous materials or waste hazardous substances
-- Commodity unknown

1 For additional information on the STCC system, contact: STCC Technical Committee, c/ o Committee Secretary, Association of American Railroads, 50 F Street, NW, Room 5603, Washington, DC 20001- 1564. Telephone number 202- 639- 2332; fax number 202- 639- 2312.