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National Transportation Statistics 2002 Released

National Transportation Statistics 2002 Released

National Transportation Statistics 2002 cover

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics has released National Transportation Statistics 2002the latest edition of the most comprehensive resource on U.S. transportation data. The NTS provides the transportation community with detailed national-level, time-series data covering all modes of our nations transportation system. Included in NTS 2002 are information on the extent, condition, use, and performance of the system, as well as statistics on safety, environment, energy, and the economy aspects.

Among more than 240 data tables, NTS 2002 offers users extensive information on a range of transportation topics. Chapter 1 covers the physical and mobility facets of the transportation system. It first presents data, such as mileage of roads and pipelines, numbers of airports and transit stations, and counts of vehicle and vessel fleets by mode. The chapter ends with data on people and freight movements and performance measures by mode.

Chapter 2 of NTS 2002 covers data on safety, on both a multimodal and single-mode basis. Data are also broken down into modal components (e.g., by passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks, and buses within the highway mode). Throughout, both fatality and injury data are presented.

Transportation and the economy are covered in chapter 3. Included are transportations contribution to Gross Domestic Product, consumer expenditures on transportation, transportation industry revenues and employment, and government sector finances. NTS 2002 concludes with a chapter on energy and the environment. Energy consumption and intensity and fuel economy data are presented along with data on air pollution standards and emissions, petroleum spills in U.S. waters, and other environmental data relating to transportations impacts.

An electronic version of NTS 2002 with continuously updated information will be available by mid-March on the BTS web site at www.bts.gov.

Updated: Saturday, May 20, 2017