Data Highlights

3.54M May 2021, +1.53M from 2020
38.3K May 2021, +14.7K from 2020
$109B May 2021, up $52.9B from 2020
18 June 2021, -12 from 2020
$3.06/gal June 2021, +$1.00/gal from 2020


More Rail Tank Cars Meet DOT-117 Safety Standards in 2020

More than half (54%) of rail tank cars carrying Class 3 flammable liquids in 2020 met new safety requirements, an increase from the 48% in 2019, according to the Fleet Composition of Rail Tank Cars Carrying Flammable Liquids: 2021 Report released today by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics.